Here at Subli-fix, we have a huge passion for dye sublimation printing; it’s a massive part of our lives. Over the years, we’ve tried many various products for dye sublimation printing, and printing onto garments. None of which left me satisfied, all of which were toxic, and didn’t allow me to print onto 100% cotton. In 2013, we decided to create a non-toxic fluid. After 2 years of time and investment, we invented our finalised product; and in 2015, Subli-fix fluid was invented. It’s an opaque fluid, that allows you to print onto any garment, and material of your choice (including leather, poly/blend, nylon, wool. And hard surfaces, like wood, metal and glass). Best of all, Subli- fix allows you to print onto 100% cotton, the first product to do so. This is an extraordinary breakthrough in dye sublimation printing; best of all, it’s completely non-toxic.